Bay Hydro 10 Gallon Fabric Pot W/ Handles
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Bay Hydro Fabric Pots With Handles. We have other sizes available 5, 7, & 10 Gallon for now, more sizes to come. Superior quality to many, and right there in quality in many of the TOP brand fabric pots out there at incredible savings. Check them out, you will see the quality I promise. BLACK Bay Hydro Fabric Pots With Handles. Bay Hydro Fabric Pots are self-supporting fabric container.  They are very durable and able to be washed and reused several times. You will enjoy and notice the benefits of air root pruning creating a better root structure and aeration to the root zone through the porous fabric we have.


10 gallon Bay Hydro Fabric Pot With Handles, 16" x 12" 

  • Item #: BHFP10GALH
  • Manufacturer: BAY HYDRO

Bay Hydro 10 Gallon Fabric Pot W/ Handles

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